micro habits that
build macro success

The Ballplayer Mindset is your scouting report to life as a ballplayer.

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Got’em with the high cheese!

Nolan Sanburn’s Ballplayer Mindset brings you unique insight on what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Each week, Nolan interviews different athletes, entrepreneurs and high-achievers about the micro habits that build and create macro success – on and off the field.


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Great Players Practice After Practice w/ Seth Vautaw

In this episode, Seth and Nolan talk about the importance of time management as a student athlete, important attributes when choosing a University, how to conduct a successful mound visit, how to break down a scouting report, and advice to give one’s younger self.

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Natural Phenomenon For The Boy w/ Jake Peter

In this episode, Jake and Nolan dive into offseason workouts, pregame routine, keys to playing multiple positions, how to limit fielding errors, and the qualities of great teammates.

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Overcoming Adversity w/ Parker Sanburn

In this episode, Parker and Nolan discuss important pitcher exercises, how to overcome mental timidness, leading by example, the mindset behind a curveball, and how to block out the noise and be the best version of yourself.

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