micro habits that
build macro success

The Ballplayer Mindset is your scouting report to life as a ballplayer.

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Got’em with the high cheese!

Nolan Sanburn’s Ballplayer Mindset provides unique insight on what separates the amateurs from the professionals. As often as possible, Nolan interviews different athletes, entrepreneurs and high-achievers about their micro habits that build and create macro success – on and off the field.


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EP 015 – “You wanna know how I think? This is exactly how I think” w/ Travis Geopfert

In this episode with University of Tennessee Associate Head Track Coach Travis Geopfert, he and Nolan discuss how to stand out as an athlete, recruitment tactics with potential athletes, and[…]

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EP 014 – “Give me something to make me come back and see you” w/ Rich Sparks

In this insightful episode with MLB Oakland A’s organization scout Rich Sparks (pictured above with Rickey Henderson), he and Nolan discuss what professional baseball organizations value in players, the go-to,[…]

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EP 013 – “Sure there are Obstacles, but I’m Optimistic about Every Opportunity” w/ Zach Hocker

In this episode with former NFL placekicker Zach Hocker, he and Nolan dive into what his internal self-discussion sounds like, his all-around advice for up-and-coming athletes, and the financial stress[…]

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