click I’m Nolan Sanburn and I created The Ballplayer Mindset to give back to the game I love. I had a great career, playing in the College World Series, being drafted by the Oakland A’s 74th overall, pitching against some of the best hitters at the time, but after injury setbacks, I realized the game ends. All of us will walk off the field and through the tunnel for the last time.

Lamotrigine online no prescription The game is more than raw talent. Never the fastest or strongest on the team, I realized I had to work harder than the people around me. I put in extra time before and after games. It took years to reverse bad habits I learned in middle school and high school ball. I started The Ballplayer Mindset to teach you the big league habits wherever you are in your career. My goal is to show you how to play better baseball.

The Ballplayer Mindset won’t swing the bat for you, but I am committed to giving you the inside track to understanding what it takes to be in that .01% of players drafted. If you have specific questions for me or friends of the podcast, drop me a line.

because life is better with baseball
Episode 01 – Parker Sanburn
Parker Sanburn Parker Sanburn played college with the Arkansas Razorbacks and currently plays for the Texas Rangers. We covered a lot in this episode. Here are some of the topics: Where is the limit to...
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